Name: Jacob VanderVelde
 Age: 30
 Home break Off The Wall, Backdoor, Pipeline and 3D's
 Where you live: Central Oahu
 Favorite break: Pumping Pipeline
 Music Metallica, Tupac, Wu Tang Clan, to name a few.

Name: Bob Kithcart
Age: 25
Homebreak: MB
Where you live: Redondo Beach
Favorite Wave: Big beach break barrels.
Music: Anything groovy

Name: Dan Worley
Age: 31
Homebreak: Flagler Beach Pier
Hometown: Flagler Beach, Florida
Favorite Break: Vilano , Halfpoint , El Hoyo
Favorite Music: Country For Life , But love some down home roots reggae
If I hit the lotto: take my wife and little on a lifetime wave hunt and buy everyone on the way a Custom X

Name: Evan Fa
Age: 31
Homebreak: East Side of Oahu
Where you live: Lahaina, Maui
Favorite Break: A spot on Maui
Music: House


Name: Chris Schlegel
Age: 32
Home break: Jenks
Where you live: Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Favorite break: Fronton
Music: Hip hop
Instagram @cschlegy