-New for 2018-

Custom X has now re-invented itself to Custom X Water Sports.

We have been developing and producing equipment for years for other people and it is time to offer it to our customers as well! Not only do we produce bodyboards, we also own our own full production leash company.

For 2018 we will be offering bodyboards, flowboards, river boards, black ball soft boards, epoxy boards, SUP accessories, surf accessories, soft surfboards, and more!

Keep an eye out as we expand our company to give you the same top quality product that you have enjoyed for years, plus new added sports equipment to the line-up.

- The Beginnings -

Debbie Colwell, owner, originally got her feet wet in the bodyboarding industry with Tom Morey at Morey Boogie in 1976. Here, she honed her skills building bodyboards as well as the Mike Doyle soft surfboards.

She created Custom X in 1987 but later joined forces with Dave Cunniff and Ron Norick in 1993 to form Superior Foam Products, Inc. Today, Debbie solely runs the day to day operations with the help of top shaper Pete Anaya, and JoJo Schmidt.

In 2012, Custom X bought production facilities to enable us to build surf, SUP, bodyboard, dog, fishing, paddle, and scuba leashes just to name a few.

Just as in the beginning, Custom X continues to take pride in providing its customers the highest quality products in the industry.

Today’s team of professional athletes likewise continues pushing the limits, both in and out of the water, for the company more than ever.

With that much said, the legacy of Custom X presses fervently into the future of all water sports.