Custom X has been breathing, bleeding, and living bodyboarding for 25 years.   We take pride in what we build.

 Our production is headed by top designer PMA .  
 With his tight quality standards we make sure all product is made with the best quality materials.  Our designs always keep up  with the ever changing bodyboarding world.

New for 2017!

Custom X introduces new innovative boards for 2017 as well as a blast from the past.

The Xi

The newest board in our line-up is the Xi. The Xi features our new Interlock Deck Material which is a polyethylene deck melded with mesh.  This thinner deck allows us to keep the board thin yet build up strength with the mesh and stringers.   We also add a deck pad where it is needed the most, in the elbow area! All Xi models come in a transparent white deck with color elbow pads to match the rail.  Nose and tail bumpers are added as well as channels and slick grips.

Vintage board meets 2017, The Speedline

In the past, we loved working with Volara rails because they were a harder 12 pound density versus the normal  8 pound density of standard rails.  We used them as an inner rail to give stiffness to an area that is always in the water...the rail!

Recently we found some!!! So we are re-introducing our favorite board from the past, the Speedline which at the time did have a Volara rail. Our top shaper and designer PMA used the same template but made all of the angles fit for today’s high performance riding. Bringing it into 2017, we also added two stringers with nose and tail grips.

The Hack

The Hack is three boards in one.  This 22” mini bodyboard can be used just as that, a mini bodyboard,  a kick board, or a hand gun. We use the same high quality material as a standard bodyboard so it is built to last.

All of your favorites are still around too as well as the Revolution Series which introduced the high performance X9 in mid 2016.

  - The Beginnings -

  Debbie Colwell, owner, originally got her feet wet in the bodyboarding industry with Tom Morey at Morey Boogie in 1976. Years later she moved on to manage Scott Hawaii,   where, in addition to her responsibilities, she shaped custom boards on the side. The once side project, known as Custom X, then progressed into retail stores as customers   began requesting the brand. With the help of Dave Dale, Mike “X-Man” Fleming, Dave Cunniff, and Ron Norick production flew into full swing and the adventure began.
  Through the years, many of the industry’s best shapers and professional athletes have passed through the doors of Custom X. Shapers like Mike “X-Man” Fleming, Jimmy   Linville, Kevin Wood, and Pete Anaya, who currently runs factory production, harnessed and perfected their craft with the company. In addition, team athletes like Fred Booth,   Robbie Crawford, Jordan Hetrick, Babby Quinones, JJ Ayala, Brandon Foster, Dave Hubbard, just to name a handful,
  developed professional bodyboarding careers with Custom X.

   Just as in the beginning, Custom X continues to take pride in providing its customers the highest quality bodyboarding products in the industry.
  Today’s team of professional  athletes likewise continues pushing the limits, both in and out of the water, for the company more than ever.
  With that much said, the legacy of  Custom X presses fervently into the future of bodyboarding.